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Welcome to Barry & Lindy's Home page.

The site contains a bit about us and a bit about Ketley Cottage our 16th Century home in the UK, which was our last labour of love before we acquired the boat.  However the site is mainly devoted to our travels aboard our 46' steel sailing cutter, Samarang.

Our plan was always to update the diary section pretty regularly, but experience is teaching us that in spite of our good intentions, it's most likely to get done during the off season - that changes by location eg during winter in Europe, during summer in the Tropics. - or if we make a trip to the UK.    This not only gives us the time away from our always long list of boat jobs, but also gives us easy access to the web so that we can upload our changes. 

Increasingly though we're taking the opportunity to do some land travel when we're not sailing - just another excuse not to sit in front of a keyboard!

Finally, please do drop us a mail at info, but omitting the space after info which is there to fool the spam crawlers, it's really nice to know that someone is actually reading any of this!   

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